This is the third and definitive judicial setback to this Dutch company that offered illegitimately huge amounts of unauthorized music


-Digital revenues contribute 45 per cent of industry revenues; overtake physical’s 39 per cent share

-Streaming revenues up 45.2 per cent, helping to drive 3.2 per cent global growth

-Music consumption is exploding globally, but the “value gap” is the biggest brake on sustainable revenue growth for artists and record labels


Piracy does not ease

Illegal access rises in TV shows, videogames, leisure books and football.

Number of citizens pirating content increases on the face of the lack of legal consequences


CEDEU colaborará con Promusicae en la divulgación y defensa de los derechos de la propiedad intelectual musical


Agoraphobia, Juan Zelada, Juventud Juché,  Los Nastys,  Sexy Zebras y The Parrots actuarán en Austin con el apoyo de Promusicae


- Alejandro Sanz’s Sirope tops Albums year sales Chart
- Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias’ El Perdón leads the songs Chart

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