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After 100 million piracy notices, it’s time for Google to take meaningful action to help curb online copyright infringement

By Frances Moore, CEO, IFPI
13th January 2014


El mundo de la música llora la pérdida del ejecutivo, que formaba parte del Comité de Dirección de Promusicae.


La cita, en el Centro Cultural de España, con el apoyo de Promusicae, se completa con Xoel López, Cápsula y Guadalupe Plata


Music in Spain represents 0.49 percent of GDP

Libro Blanco is available for free download on PROMUSICAE website


Arrested the person responsible for the leak online of the Extremoduro album

Promusicae welcomes the fact that the action of the Guardia Civil “puts an end to the sense of impunity online”

The so-called Operation Agila of the Guardia Civil has led to the arrest of the suspected offender responsible for the leak online of the long-expected new album of Extremoduro, Para todos los públicos almost four weeks before the planned release date. The investigations of the IT Crime Group (Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos) have developed in the city of Madrid and in the neighbouring towns of Alcorcón and Móstoles, where the disc manufacturing company (Novodisc) and logistic company (Arvato) are based.

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