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IFPI represents the recording industry worldwide with 8000 members across IFPI and its National Group network

IFPI’s international secretariat is based in London and is linked to regional offices in Brussels, Hong Kong and Miami.

Who can be a member of IFPI?

Any, legal entity or person legal entity or person which is either a producer of phonograms or music videos, copies of which are made available to the public in reasonable quantities.

IFPI’s priorities

  • Promote equal access to the market and encourage the existence of adequate legislation on intellectual property.
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate legal and technological conditions allowing the recording industry to move forward the digital age.
  • Promote the importance of music for the economic development and social and cultural life.
  • Prevent fraud

What are IFPI’s main activities internationally and regionally?

IFPI’s Secretariat in London co-ordinates international strategies in key areas of the organisation such as anti-piracy enforcement, technology, collaboration with governments and representation in international organisations, legal strategies, litigation and public relations. It is also the recording industry’s most authoritative source of market research and information, providing a comprehensive range of global industry statistics.

IFPI’s regional offices in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa are responsible for implementing IFPI’s strategies at regional level, co-ordinating the efforts of national groups and setting lobbying priorities tailored to the political environment in their respective regions.

IFPI’s office in Brussels is the recording industry’s representation to the European Union. IFPI’s Regional Office for Asia is based in Hong Kong, with additional offices in China and Singapore. It co-ordinates the region’s representation activities and legal strategies. IFPI’s Latin America, former FLAPF, has an executive office in Miami and co-ordinates communication activities and fraud prevention in the area.

IFPI is affiliated with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the organisation responsible for the world's largest music market.


Greater China
South East Asia
Latin America & Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa
Middle East and North Africa


IFPI Secretariat is organised into several departments that work in tandem with staff of different regional offices, according to specific projects and issues. The key services offered directly by the Secretariat are:

  • Legal policy
  • Anti-piracy enforcement
  • Licensing & E-commerce
  • Market Research
  • Communitions
  • Technology
  • Library

IFPI Contact

IFPI Secretariat
7 Air Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7878 7900 | Fax: +44 (0)20 7878 7950

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