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C. Tangana and Rauw Alejandro lead the Spanish sales charts in 2021


C. Tangana and Rauw Alejandro lead the Spanish sales charts in 2021

Camilo, Dua Lipa, Rauw Alejandro, Olivia Rodrigo, Bad Bunny, Karol G, Harry Styles, Adele, Ozuna, Anuel AA and The Weeknd are most selling international artists in the Spanish market

Álvaro de Luna’s Juramento eterno de sal, most broadcasted song in musical radios

Streaming music consumption increases 23% compared to the previous year.

Streams in digital platforms exceeded 62 billion.

733 artists had more than 10 million streams and, 25 out of them reached 100 million streams.

Physical carriers sales rise 10% fostered by vinyl sales, rising 32%.

A Spanish artist leads back the annual Top 100 Albums chart after last year’s gap. It is Antón Álvarez’s last record, artist better known by most fans as C. Tangana, which album El Madrileño has become the most requested album – in both physical and digital formats – in Spain in 2021. El Madrileño also gets to top position at the first annual vinyl’s sales chart: Top 100 Vinyl Albums. Regarding Top 100 Songs, absolute control goes on Porto Rican Rauw Alejandro, who gets to Top 1 with Todo de ti, apart from grabbing 9 platinum awards with the monumental success of his song in our country, besides of placing 6 songs in Top 100 Songs.

One more year, according to data compiled by GfK, global leader in data analytics, for Promusicae –association representing 95% of the Spanish recording market– and AGEDI, collecting society for music producers’ rights, Spanish consumers state among their daily habits to listen to recorded music through different audio streaming platforms. Streaming represented 85% of the year’s music consumption. An option validated by the fact that premium subscriptions already mean 54% of total streaming consumption. Year 2021 also saw a milestone for this type of recorded music consumption: for the first time, streams exceeded 62 billion in digital platforms. A significant record highlighting the fact that Spaniards listen to more music than any other neighbour countries all day long, on average. All this digital consumption would be the equivalent to 18 million physical format albums. As a consequence of that, 733 artists got their songs streamed in Spain more than 10 million times (161 more artists compared to the year before). Out of them, 25 artists reached ever higher positions in public preferences with 100 million audio streams of their works, 10 more artists than in 2020’s landmark. Recorded music industry completes the year with a new increase in physical sales market. Physical carriers’ sales sell 10% more, achieving a 32% rise in vinyl discs. All in all physical sales figures represent a global increase in music consumption of 20% compared to the year before.

Antonio Guisasola, Promusicae’s President, stated that «whereas our annual figures are still far from what they were in past years of higher records sales, the volume of listening provided by streaming means for artists to start obtaining decisive income to develop their careers professionally». He added that «these figures confirm the effort made by the recording industry during the past years in what refers to economic investments and new channels’ marketing. This guarantees the development of artists and hits that reach the public in the format they choose, either digital or physical».

A year of music overview

The annual charts published today are the result of a comprehensive treatment of the information received along the year, week after week, from 90% of the physical music marketers operating in our country, as well as the data provided by digital stores and audio streaming platforms. For next year, music content views from YouTube shall be added, as this platform has just joined the charts in 2022, as recently informed by Promusicae.

Diversity of genres and record releases lead the first positions in the albums category. C. Tangana is not alone among the Top Albums’ Spanish hits of the year. Following El Madrileño there are other regulars in top positions. Alejandro Sanz just needed 3 weeks of the year to gain the Top 4 with his last work, Sanz. Aitana keeps her album 11 razones in position 6. Fito y Fitipaldis, other major artist in our country, holds position 8 with Cada vez cadáver, his recent recorded work. Dani Martín, with No, no vuelve (top 14), Pablo Alborán with Vértigo (top 16), Robe in top 18 with Mayéutica, Vanesa Martín, Siete veces sí, (19) and Love of Lesbian, V.E.H.N, complete the list of Spanish highlights of the year. Latin music, on its part, places several acts of this genre which has such a great acceptance in our country. Colombian Camilo achieves top 2 with his second studio work, Mis manos. Rauw Alejandro’s hit is also strongly reflected in the chart and gets to place two works simultaneously in top 10: Vice versa, album containing top 5 Todo de ti and Afrodisíaco (top 10), his first studio album launched in 2020. Bad Bunny, the successful Latin artist of last year’s charts, settles for positions 9 and 11 El último tour del mundo and YHLQMDLG, respectively).  Going down through the chart we found other tremendously successful Latin albums, top 12 Karol G (KG0516) and Ozuna (Enoc) intop 17.  Dua Lipa places her Future Nostalgia in top 3 to make it become the best-selling album in English of our country. Next, Olivia Rodrigo holds position 7 with her debut album Sour. Harry Styles maintains his album Fine Line in top 13, and Adele’s long expected new work, 30, gets to top 15 in the chart in just 6 weeks from launch.

Vinyls and songs

Adele climbs several positions in Top 100 vinyl albums where her work places as the third best-selling disc. One position higher is Fito y Fitipaldis, in top 2. The podium for this first annual vinyl chart is still held by C. Tangana. A double success reaching also Top 100 Songs, as he places as many as 6 titles among most demanded music of the year: Tú me dejaste de querer, with Niño de Elche and La Húngara (top 4), Ingobernable, feat. Gipsy Kings, Nicolás Reyes and Tonino Baliardo (position 18), Ateo feat. Nathy Peluso (top 28) and now under top 50, Demasiadas mujeres, Los Tontos (feat. Kiko Veneno) and closing the chart in top 100, Párteme la cara (feat. Ed Maverick).

Top 100 Songs chart has traditionally been a mirror of dance, Latin and urban rhythms hitting most in our country and this year is not an exception. Todo de ti not only crowns the chart, but also provides Rauw Alejandro with nine platinum awards due to extreme success along 2021. Sebastián Yatra and Myke Towers hold top 2 with Pareja del año. The remix version of Tiroteo by Marc Segui, Rauw Alejandro and Pol Granch achieves the third position. Another remix, this time Mon amour by duet of Spaniards Zzoilo and Aitana raises to top 9 of the chart. A fact telling a lot about the overwhelming interest for music in Spanish: we don’t find a song in English until down in position 30, where Save your tears by The Weeknd stands.

Musical radios

No doubt that radio keeps being one of the channels that, together with digital platforms, contributes to encourage a song’s success. Promusicae, aware of that, also publishes the Top 50 – Musical Radio Chart compiled by Bmat for the association with the most programmed songs in musical radio in Spain. Indeed, Save your tearsby The Weeknd (top 3),Rauw Alejandro’sTodo de ti (in top 2)and Juramento eterno de sal by Álvaro de Luna, topping number 1 of the chart with his song as most broadcasted song in radio stations from all over Spain, hold the privileged positions of the chart in 2021. With their programming, radios endorse the audiences preferences for Spanish pop, which in this case prevail over urban and international rhythms.

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