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Promusicae’s sales chart will include YouTube from this week


Promusicae’s sales chart will include YouTube from this week

Music content views by YouTube users in the popular streaming platform shall be accounted, starting from today, in the Top 100 Songs chart compilation published by Promusicae.  With the beginning of 2022 and having completed a long complex workflow, green light is given by Spain to the global framework developed during last years between IFPI –International Federation of the Recording Industry –  and YouTube. The framework sets the grounds that, from now on, will allow adding to most relevant countries’ national sales charts the data referred to most consumed songs by users of the YouTube.  Although some countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA already included YouTube in their charts, the majority of countries internationally did not have a defined guideline to include listening streams and views of this platform in official charts. Together with Germany, Spain becomes the first European country to publish the renewed Top 100 Songs chart the very first week of the year (1/2022). The entry of data from YouTube for the preparation of the weekly chart adds to those of other digital platforms already reporting on a weekly basis, thus the new chart shall be reinforced in its mission of offering a picture as detailed as possible of the audience preferences regarding the Spanish music market of songs. The Top 100 Songs chart is compiled by consulting company GfK under commission of Promusicae and Agedi. Week after week it is one of most seen charts among all charts published on Promusicae website.


Promusicae, as the Spanish IFPI national group, was actively involved during last year in the phase of data integration and preliminary testing. Other countries such as Australia, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa, also involved in the working team, shall gradually adopt the new charts methodology during the month of January. Other international markets shall join along the year.


YouTube, with over 2 billion monthly logged-in users globally that enjoy to listening and watching music videos, has become one of the most relevant digital platforms for music. For a very long time now, it is an essential part of the music industry marketing strategies, launch plans and the global contact between artists and music fans that visit this platform to listen to their favourite songs.


Set criteria

This situation, in principle complex, has been resolved by the framework put together by IFPI and YouTube, where the necessary criteria to consistently and globally include details from the platform in charts have been established. To be highlighted:


Promusicae’s president Antonio Guisasola noted that «since 1986, with the publishing of our first sales chart, we have  strived to be rigorous in their compilation and to show the reality of our market. Therefore, it was a clear and necessary objective to include in our charts, as soon as possible, the consumption coming from YouTube and other platforms offering music videos, to strengthen its value as a clear weekly illustration of the situation of our market and the interest arising from our releases in these times when digital is in full expansion, and specifically streaming. For that very reason, Promusicae’s Board of Directors, once the final testing phase concluded, has wanted to open 2022 with the new chart». Besides, he announced that «decision has also been made to update the units required to obtain the certification for Golden Award and Platinum Award in the Top 100 Songs chart, given that the digital music market has two-folded since the last review. From this week, with the first chart of the year, the amounts required to be certified with them are fixed in 30,000 and 60,000 units or their equivalent in streams, respectively. Units required to certify albums remain unchanged: 20,000 units for Golden Award and 40,000 for the Platinum Award».


Top 100 Songs can be weekly seen on Tuesdays at:



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