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Ritmonet was launched by PROMUSICAE in 2004 ( This service has enabled the substitution of Promo CDs being delivered to radio and television broadcasters physically to a new digital distribution system. The result is a more efficient mechanism highly adapted to present and future needs. Besides, music videos are also available in the system in a format suitable for any kind of broadcasting.

Currently there are over 2,000 registered users of RitmoNet, from over a thousand radios and TVs that can have access to last releases of more than 100 companies, resulting in around 50,000 downloads monthly.

INAEM_2021 is a website were the official Top Selling Charts of Spain are published and new releases of PROMUSICAE member companies are publicized, regardless of their scope or music style and without any additional cost for producers.

Besides, many links are included related to songs and artists: to the band’s official website, YouTube videos, MySpace, iTunes downloads, Spotify streaming, etc. This way, the user experience is enhanced while offering all legal alternatives for anyone to enjoy their favourite music.



RitmoGESTIÓN is a project aimed at SMEs of the music industry, proposing the implementation of E-business solutions for management of Repertoire, Rights and Music Production. Its general goal is to improve productivity and competitiveness of members through the use of ICT in their business. Up to date, 107 companies all of them small and medium size benefit from this project.

Co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, this is a project developed within the framework of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.


One of PROMUSICAE’s main activities is the production and/or publishing of reports and market studies generally interesting for member companies and the industry in general. PROMUSICAE also produces Top selling charts and Radio and TV broadcasting charts, in collaboration with AGEDI and independent companies such as Media Control Gfk y BMAT.

Other services are provided, such as the internationalization of our members in collaboration with Spanish ICEX and other institutions, to promote their presence in international trade fairs and to develop other actions allowing to strength international presence of Spanish music producers; also promoting access to new music distribution channels, preparing reports on new markets, training, consulting, etc.

Among PROMUSICAE’s activities it is to be mentioned the promotion of actions and activities in defense of intellectual property rights in the music sector, and very especially the fight against piracy. Both physical and internet piracy have become the most serious problem for the music industry. After all, one out of four physical discs sold in Spain has an illegal origin, according to the last GfK Observatory. And according to the same source, 26% of Spanish internet users download illegal music content on a regular basis, which meant 1.6 billion downloads in 2016.

PROMUSICAE has a Department of Security, Investigation and Fraud Prevention working closely with enforcement agencies, the Spanish Tax Agency and judicial bodies. This department offers different training sessions and prepares supporting material (interactive CDs, handbooks, etc.) aimed at disseminating the knowledge of law and the infringement typologies in matter of intellectual property.

PROMUSICAE also makes efforts for raising social awareness regarding the need to respect works protected by different legislations ruling intellectual property, especially music. In that sense, different guides have been published for parents, companies and government organizations. It has also supported the State Secretary of Culture of the Spanish Government in the launch of different awareness campaigns.

Aware of the importance of training in the field of intellectual property rights, among PROMUSICAE’s main goals is the provision of related training. During last years, a number of training sessions have been offered all over the country, with the attendance of thousands of members of enforcement agencies, the Tax Agency and judicial and prosecuting authorities.

Works in this field is sometimes supported by universities, national and regional police organizations of senior officers, trade unions and police associations from National Police, Guardia Civil and local police. These activities are framed within the scope of different Memorandum of Understanding signed with many of such organizations and institutions.

To support and complement training, PROMUSICAE prepares and yearly updates an interactive CD with most useful European, national and international legislation on intellectual property, as well as a number of presentation slides, charts, pictures and others, all devoted to contribute to a better understanding of the reach of piracy through practical experiences and examples to identify music pirate product.

“SOLO ÉXITOS 1950-2012” (HITS ONLY 1959-2012) is a reference book gathering together the history of pop and rock in Spain through its Top Selling charts from year 1959 to 2012. The book, which got both financial and documentary support from PROMUSICAE, will constitute a benchmark for the music industry, as there was not such Spanish market source. This work means the only way to objectively know what the Spaniards’ favourite music has been through the years as the best survey is what they have actually purchased, the music they have chosen to spend their money on and an expression of their musical taste. It is a tremendously arduous work and thousands of data have been entered through highly complex on-purpose software. This information will be an excellent ground for new statistical works and further editions.

The book includes all national and international hits that appeared in single and album hit charts. It includes all the discs, regardless of their origin, that were a hit in Spain, it’s tremendously useful and a must for thousands of professionals, curious and collectors.

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