Twelve years of drops in Spain’s music sales, now 15 percent

- Physical market keeps in free fall, with a 23% decline

- Spaniards spent 120 millions in recorded music, compared to more than 626 in 2001

Recorded music sales in Spain dropped in 2013, so far twelve years in a row; and this rough patch landmark does seem to bottom out according to the information compiled by Promusicae with year-end sales results. Last year, Spaniards spent 119.8 million euros purchasing music, figure that equals a 15.1 percent cutback regarding previous year (141 million). This deep collapse has been suffered by the industry since the beginning of this century, just after closing year 2001 with the record of 626 million euros. Consequently, these twelve years have meant that the Spanish recording industry has experienced a contraction higher than 80 percent.


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