40 Spanish bands to tour with Girando por Salas

Promusicae participates again in this touring circuit for emerging bands of all music styles

The fifth edition of touring circuit Girando por Salas (GPS) has known its 40 selected bands and artists. All musicians selected in this Inaem (Spanish national institute of performing and music arts) initiative, in collaboration with Federación Coordinadora del Circuito de Músicas Populares (coordinating federation of the popular music circuit), are rewarded with a tour of four live concerts outside their respective origin regions, as well as an aid for record promotion. One more year, Promusicae is directly involved in this project to stimulate talent of best emerging artist of the country.


These are alphabetically, the 40 selected: 13 Bats, A Contra Blues, Alberto y García, Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, Antonio Arias, Antonio Lizana, Aurora, Bel Bee Bee, Búhos, Cables Cruzados, Checopolaco, Criaturas del Aire, Cromática Pistona, Dremen, Edredón, Egon Soda, El Meister, El Viaje de Elliot, Felipe Villar Trío, Guerrera, Illa Carolina, Jacobo Serra, John Berkhout, José Domingo, Los Mambo Jambo, Los Zigarros, Murciano Total, Niño Burbuja, Oso Leone, Pájaro Jack, PLV Havoc, Reina Republicana, Salvaje Montoya, Señores, Soledad Vélez, The Faith Keepers, The Noises, Trajano!, Villanueva y Wild Honey. These 40 names were the most exciting in the opinion of the GPS panel of experts, among 879 contesting artists of this fifth edition. A total of 595 fulfilled the established requirements: basically, to have published at least an EP and a maximum of 3 albums.


The 40 bands and artists will offer within the GPS program a total of 160 live concerts, between November 2014 and March 2015 and all over Spain.

Girando por Salas gathered an audience of 12,300 people during the last edition, and 150 concerts were programmed in 144 venues. Expectations around current edition of GPS are to beat this figure.


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