New releases will align internationally on a Friday

The move, agreed after several months of consultations, will be implemented this summer

New music recordings will be released on a Friday around the world, to re-ignite excitement around new music and align releases in the globalised era. This strategy will be implemented this summer 2015 and has been agreed between the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), gathering 1,300 recording companies, and WIN-Inpala, and has also had the support of some of the main store chains, such as Spanish El Corte Inglés.


Today, new music release days vary from one country to another. New music lands physical and digital retailers on a Monday in the United Kingdom, on a Tuesday in the USA and Spain, on a Wednesday in Japan and on a Friday in Germany, to name a few. “This disparity has no sense in a time when artists want to use social media, such as Twitter, to promote their new music”, according to an IFPI report on this issue. The announced move represents an extraordinary step forward in the field of music distribution and sale.


Buyers will be able to purchase new music regardless of where they are, avoiding the frustration of not accessing to certain music which is already available in other territories. Besides, releases on the same day will allow recovering expectations on the new music of most expected artists of the market. When this move is implemented, new releases will be available for music fans at 00:01 local time on Fridays, regardless of the country.


Fridays were already established as the new music release day in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in 2005, while Australia did in 2009. I all cases, the movement occurred smoothly and without great logistic problems, and it showed positive results for both distributors and consumers. Additionally, a survey commissioned in January by IFPI in seven countries confirms a wide consensus over Fridays among recorded music fans.


Consumer research by TNS across seven markets surveyed 7,251 people in in the USA, France, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Malaysia and Spain. Results offer no doubt: 68 percent of consumers with a preference chose Friday and Saturday as the most preferred days for new music release. In Spain, this trend was even more overwhelming: 77% instead of 68%.


Another advantage of this movement is a notable improvement for the music industry, for both artists and consumers. It is expected that music fans going to a pirate website to get the music they can’t get in their own country is less likely.


“From now on works will start for implementing this decision, so that everything is ready for the summer”, in words of Antonio Guisasola, president of Promusicae, Spanish IFPI representative. Guisasola added: “In more than 40 countries working groups have started discussions to coordinate the different tasks needed to meet the target date. Some changes of procedure are needed regarding marketing, distribution and even sales charts”.


 “We believe that introducing a single global release day, on a Friday, is a positive step”, confirms Javier Sánchez Cabello, Culture and Entertainment Manager in El Corte Inglés. Félix Buget, president of music company Blanco y Negro and of the Catalonian producers association Apecat, also supports the move. “It makes sense that fans all over the world can enjoy new music at the same time, online and in physical formats. New music Fridays not only solve this problem, but it will also add an additional component of expectation which can only be positive for consumers and for all the partners involved in our sector”.


IFPI’ CEO Frances Moore has also highlighted the advantages of this new schedule. “Friday is the start of the weekend and when fans most listen to and buy music, when entertainment consumption is higher and also the time of greatest activity on social media. The examples of Germany and Australia, that changed release day to Fridays without any significant costs or problems, predict a highly successful movement”.