Digital rise boosts almost 7% music sales in Spain 2015

- Alejandro Sanz’s Sirope tops Albums year sales Chart
- Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias’ El Perdón leads the songs Chart

Sales of recorded music increased in Spain for the second year in a row, after bottoming out in 2013 following twelve years of continued fall, and year 2015 saw an upturn on 6.85%. Spaniards spent along 2015 a total of 160.2 million euros, a considerable growth compared to 149.9 million of previous year, though still far from 603 million certified in 2001, year in which illegal downloads and economic crisis doomed the sector to twelve consecutive years of free fall. The rise of digital formats, in particular the streaming success, account for the increase, in a year that saw physical sales deflating according to figures published today by Promusicae.


Fall of physical carriers

The shares of digital and physical markets are virtually equal in the year count, according to figures published today. Sales of music physical carriers amounted to 81.1 million, 6.7% lower than 2014 (87 million). Likewise, the different modalities of digital formats brought 79 million in revenues, approximately 25.6 percent more compared to 62.9 million accounted in 2014. That means that the digital market reaches 49.4 percent of the share, while the analogic accounts for the remaining 50.6 percent. A fleeting balance: everything suggests that overtaking of online music consumption models shall happen along 2016, anticipated by 1Q figures.


Increase of Premium subscribers

Digital upswing undoubtedly underpins in the streaming success. Apple’s launch means a new boost for a technology that already had the favour of consumers. Online streaming accounts for almost 82 percent of the digital business, 64.5 million euros. Paid subscriptions stand out for their high popularity and currently represent 65 percent of income within this consumption category (41.9 million) opposed to the remaining 35 percent of ad-supported subscriptions (22.6 million).


“The number of users with a premium subscription increased more than 35 percent during the last 12 months, surpassing the threshold of half million subscribers”, highlighted Antonio Guisasola, according to Promusicae’s own estimates. “Top 100 songs for 2015 of these music streaming services accumulated a total of 1,363 million streams (13.6 million streams on average), meaning 50 percent more than previous year, another confirmation of streaming’s good health”, he continued. Meanwhile, songs, albums and video downloads represent 16 percent of the digital share and ring back tones keep the modest remaining 2% (1.7 million). “For our industry is very encouraging to see paid subscriptions grow and the consumer to be responding positively to new music services and innovation we’ve been promoting for so many years; however, in taking stock of the year it is unavoidable to have some concerns for the lack of protection we are facing for more than a decade. It remains the pleasure of feeling that fans consume music again with enthusiasm and cares about offering a coherent payment to creators, but in at this moment of political uncertainty, one can only hope that the new government to come will be more deeply concern with the protection of culture and, more specifically, of music”, concluded.


Sanz y Alborán, hand in hand

From numbers to persons, 2015 also leaves us a certainly new element: for the first time since 2010, top selling album does not go to Pablo Alborán, who led this classification for the four previous years. Alejandro Sanz with Sirope placed himself at Top 1 Albums and becomes 2015 best seller, with over 155,000 copies.

In fact, Pablo Alborán, brand-new Goya 2016 award-winner for Best Original Song of film Palmeras en la nieve, keeps the second position with 120,000 units sold of Terral, top selling album of 2014, and besides he adds some other 15,000 copies of Tour Terral: Tres noches en Las Ventas to lead the DVD category, leaving far behind the absolute winners of this segment during 5 years: different titles of children’s collection Cantajuego.

Only two heavyweights such as Sanz and Alborán can now surpass the threshold of 100,000 units sold, while the third in the chart, Manuel Carrasco, has to make do with 70,000 sold units of Bailar el viento. Adele, just confirmed by IFPI as number 1 global recording artist, holds the fourth position thanks to her album 25 (66,000 units sold), with the additional bonus of having release the album only five weeks before the year-end.

Youngsters’ idols Gemeliers hold again the fifth position with Mil y una noches (61,600 units), while their previous album, Lo mejor está por venir, still shows in number 38 of the chart.

The privileged Top 10 is completed by, in order, the newcomer from Cordoba Antonio José (El viaje) and four enshrined artists: Malú (Caos), Fito y Fitipaldis (Huyendo conmigo de mí), Melendi (Un alumno más) and Joaquín Sabina (500 noches para una crisis), nearly tied with other currently at top positions, like Estopa and its Rumba a lo desconocido. Leaving apart Adele, the only international artists in top 20 are AC/DC (Rock of bust, still at number 17) and boy band One Direction, one position lower thanks to Made in the A.M.

No accomplishment can be detracted from El Barrio, which Hijo del Levante still lives, one and a half year later, in position 13, adding his live album Esencia in top 27. Nor to Manolo García, in top 14 also with a one-year old album, Todo es ahora, and also slipping in at number 20 Historia de una banda, a five-disc compendium with his preceding bands: Los Rápidos, Los Burros and El Último de la Fila. Always respected Joan Manuel Serrat (Antología desordenada) and Paco de Lucía (La búsqueda) easily settle in positions 15 and 16. Regarding top 50, adding a handful of other essential names (Julio Iglesias, Coldplay, Maná, Justin Bieber, Robe, Ed Sheeran, Amaral, Miguel Bosé…), it’s the biggest surprise of finding a vocal jazz álbum as that of Canadian Diana Krall, in position 45 of Spanihs market preferences, thanks to álbum Wallflower.


From the dance floor to the songs chart

Regarding top songs chart, −gathering details of consumption of songs in the forms of direct download (iTunes, for instance) and streaming in Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music and the like (every 250 streams accounting for one download) − or physical sales, dance, electronic and Latin genres gain by far the upper hand. El perdón, the most popular partnership between Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias, tops the chart with the equivalent to 196,000 sold copies, close to being awarded with five Platinum. Omi’s Cheerleader and Major Lazer’s Lean on feature second and third positions with 3 platinum awards and the equivalent to 149,000 downloads.

Also big is the success of Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony’s tandem for La gozadera, top 4 in the chart, with 141,000 copies and 3 platinum awards. Mark Ronson, rare example of a producer matching high Street consumer and the expert fan, has also been awarded a platinum for Uptown funk, performed by Bruno Mars. Double platinum Ed Sheeran holds position 6 thansk to Thinking out loud. Nicky Jam (Travesuras), Ellie Goulding (Love me like you do, 50 Shades of Grey OS), Lost Frequencies (Are you with me) and Dasoul’s Él no te da, also hold top positions and double platinum.


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