Promusicae launches the chart of most streamed albums

New Top 100 Streaming Album, to be launched 11th October, complements the information of top selling physical discs

Today, Wednesday, Promusicae is launching a new and original chart to enhance and complement its popular weekly charts. Top 100 Streaming Albums is born 11th October as a chart for the complete albums most played online. With the publication of this chart, information is improved on listening likes and preferences of Premium subscribers, a consumption choice increasingly widespread among streaming users and that the industry wants to promote. In this sense, whereas the number of paying subscribers was overcome in 2016, during first half of 2017 revenues were generated valued in 24.9 million euros in this modality, the equivalent to 41 percent increase compared to the previous year. For all this, Promusicae has considered that this is the right moment to give relevance and greater visibility to these users, thus complementing the information offered with the traditional Top 100 albums, made from sales of physical discs in brick and mortar businesses and digital shops downloads.

The new weekly chart is compiled from the information sent by digital platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Napster and Groove Music from premium users (those who pay a monthly fee). To make this chart, Promusicae has implemented a methodology established internationally and successfully proven in charts of the United Kingdom or Germany which goal is to account streams of whole albums, avoiding the distortion of singles (which streams are already taken into account in Top 100 songs).

Top 100 Streaming Albums provides a view complementary to the traditional Top 100 Albums in the Spanish case. Many artists are present in both charts, while there are others with little presence in the physical market but popping up in the digital market thanks to a great success among the youngest profiles and new consumption formulas. The most emblematic case it that of the first Top 1 artist of this new chart, the Puerto Rican Ozuna, sweeping away online with his danceable reggaeton and trap included in his debut album, Odisea.

Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol, a folk-rock band from Burgos with an enormous viral drive on social networks. Its third album, Salvavida (de las balas perdidas), leaps up to a fulminant top 2 the week of release. A case which has a certain resemblance to that of the fun-loving and most culture-blended Txarango, a Barcelona band reaching a valuable top 10 thanks to the extended great reception of El cor de la terra.

Miley Cyrus climbs directly to top 4 just following the release of her new album, Younger now. But, all at once, this first Top 100 Streaming Albums also includes more familiar names from the vinyl and CD physical market; it’s Ed Sheeran’s case, top 3 streaming with Divide, one of 2017 top selling albums worldwide. Or Leiva (top 5) with a still excellent performance of his third album Monstruos even a year after release.

Demarco Flamenco’s popular flamenquito reaches position 6 with Uno, while the moment’s young great success, Madrid band Taburete enjoys the seventh position with digital streams of Dr. Charas. Morat’s optimism helps the band to lead Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios to Top 8. And Manuel Carrasco, most selling act in Spain 2016, resists still one year later with the most successful Bailar el viento  in a worthy position 9.

New chart will be available every Wednesday together with the rest of hit charts: Top 100 Albums, Top 100 Songs + Streaming, Top 20 Music DVD, Top 20 Compilations and Top 50 Music Radio. Checking all charts is publicly available at http://www.promusicae.es/listas/semanales.


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